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Quick Clamp
Quick Clamp With Lampbar
Quick Clamp With 1/4 Ton Motor
Quick Clamp

Quick Clamp

With Lamp Bar

Quick Clamp
With 1/4 Ton Motor

The Quick Clamp is a rigging tool that eliminates tent lighting and sound placement problems while expediting tent and column rigging. The Quick Clamp is designed to attach to various square, rectangular and round column sizes from 3.5” – 16”. A single ¾” rigging point and twin balanced tension chains allow for easy, secure installation. The integral clamp is designed to hold 2” diameter tubing, 1.5” schedule 40 pipe, shackles or lamp bars. The Quick Clamp is constructed using laser cut steel plate and tubing weldments, 4140 pivoting drawnuts and is clear zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

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