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4ft x 8ft Non-Skid
Quad Ripple Deck
Underside of Deck

4ft x 8ft Non-Skid Quad Ripple Deck with Fixed Height Legs

4ft x 4ft Unfinished Plywood
Deck with Fixed Height Legs

3ft x 8ft Grey Carpet Deck
with Fixed Height Legs
4ft x 8ft Haircell Poly Deck
with Adjustable Legs
Corner of Stage Deck
Corner Extrusion
Male Dual Lock
Female Dual Lock
Assorted Non-Skid
Quad Ripple Stage Decks

4ft x 8ft Grated Aluminum
Decks with Fixed Height Legs

4ft x 8ft Black Powder Coated

Grated Aluminum Decks
with Fixed Height Legs

4ft x 8ft Milk Plexi Deck
with Fixed Height Legs

Stage Deck with 6 Legs
Tongue & Groove Surface



Staging Dimensions offers superior staging products for all of your staging, rolling riser, orchestra pit filler, multi-height choral riser, sound wings, spot towers, main stage or stage extension needs. With a certified live load rating of 200lbs per square foot Staging Dimensions manufactures one of the strongest singled sided decks on the market. Our standard stage decks can be any square or rectangular dimension beginning at 1' x 1' up to 4' x 8'. Larger sizes, curved, triangular or circular stages are also available as custom products.

All of our stage deck frames are constructed using 6005-T5 4-sided extruded aluminum tube and a specially designed 6005-T5 extruded aluminum corner. Frames are constructed with 8 separate interconnecting pieces bolted together to allow easy field repairs to decks sustaining damage, thereby allowing our customers the ability repair instead of replace.

The decks lock together using a Dual Lock™ butt joint cam type coffin lock offering 2,500 lbs of tensile strength. The locks are activated from the top or bottom of the deck with a standard 5/16 allen key. This locking feature provides additional stability to your entire stage.

Grade 5 Zinc plated bolts and #10 Zinc plated deck screws are used throughout the construction of the decks. Nylock nuts are used to eliminate vibration and noise interference when decks are in use as musical risers. All decks have a single standard center support brace running the length deck, however additional support brace designs are available.

We offer four standard, interchangeable support systems for our staging panels which include: fixed height legs, adjustable height legs, rolling riser legs and Wunderstructures. Custom support system designs are available.

All decks come standard with 3/4" hook Velcro on all sides of the deck, positioned in a recessed aluminum channel designed to protect the Velcro. This allows for easy installation and removal of accessories or advertising media such as stage skirting, closure panels or banners.

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